Getting started

Welcome to your new HotSpotterTM. This video shows you how to insert the battery and the basic functions of the HotSpotterTM

Amongst other things it shows how to change the sensitivity and the sound volume.

Please watch the video and then familiarise yourself with the features shown on it by trying them for yourself in differing conditions.

Not mentioned in the video is the fact that each time you turn on the HotSpotterTM it checks the battery condition. If the battery is getting low it will warn you by emitting a downward sounding frequency. At this point the HotSpotterTM still has some life left in it, but at the next convenient moment the battery should be changed for a fresh one. Typically the battery will last for around 20 hours of continuous use. So changing the battery will be a rare occurrence. Use only alkaline 9V batteries.

The HotSpotterTM will switch itself off automatically 5 minutes after the last button has been pressed. This ensures that the battery will not be used up accidentally. If this happens during actual use, simply press the button on the front to start it up again.