Looking for a Hot Spot

This video shows how simple it is to find a Hot Spot. In order to demonstrate it uses a small area with one small spot heated up a few degrees and shows easy it is to find a spot that is hotter than its surroundings.

The demonstration shows the HotSpotterTM being used at close range. Since the HotSpotterTM is sensing Infrared radiation it will work at long range as well as short. The further it is from the surface being scanned the larger the area that will be investigated. The HotSpotterTM detects the average temperature of that area. For example, at 3 metres distance the HotSpotterTM scans an area approximately 75cm in diameter. See diagram below.

Hotspotter Diagram

A change in sound frequency quickly lets you know that there is a local area that is hotter than its surroundings. The user can then investigate further by getting closer to the area under investigation.